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Assalamualiakum I am 25 years old and got married 10 months back. I concieved in march 2017 which ended up in a miscarriage. My gynae told me to wait for 6 months before planning the next pregnancy. I have pcos ( diagnosed in tvs) and the only symptom i am facing is excessive chin hair. My periods are regular 29-30 days cycle and they last around 5 days. We tried last month to concieve but we couldn’t. Already taking folic acid and pre natal vitamins. Now since i am planning to concieve, i am worried Can my cycles be anovulatory? Should i take Clomid or any other medicine so that i make sure ovulation takes place. Should i get any tests done before starting the next week pregnancy so that it doesn’t end up with a miscarriage.


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Dr. Rabia Wajid


Yes you would need hormones tested on day 2 of your cycle. The hormone tests are Serum Fsh, Lh, prolactin and thyroid profile. And you should consult your gynecologist first and then use clomid according to her advise.

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