Please Suggest A Good Doctor For PCOS Treatment In Karachi

I have diagnosed with PCOS with one cyst growing in size but my doctor didn't give me tvs reports and also didn't tell me the size she just suggested me evoion,glucophage,ascard and folic but didn't tell me for how long should i take the medicines she said take these for lifetime so i want to reconsult my prob with a good doctor expert in treating PCOS.


MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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It could have been easier to answer you, if you had your ultrasound report with you.
The medicines prescribed are not wrong but please get your USG from an expert person so that we can proceed ahead with your management



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Your message is much appreciated.
You should get your ultrasound and harmonal profile done.and then
accordingly harmonal treatment should be given to you.If possible,please
arrange a visit to me.


Malaiqa Khalid

I also want to visit but in karachi