Post Term Bleeding


Assalam o alaikun Its URGENT plz answer to mu query I am 28yr old having a 2.5 months old baby, my posterm bleeding continued till 2 months and 15 days and after that I have a brownish gel like discharge which occurs only in the evening time (4-10pm) which gradually stopped three days back and I was having white lichorrhea sort of discharge.But yesterday again a huge spot of Red fresh blood appeared in the evening and blood is coming gradually out of vagina continuously time to time Approx 25-30ml appeared yesterday and even today. Kindly suggest me what it possibly could be? I had uterine atony at the time of birth and a cervical tear and the delivery was SVD with Episiostomy which was stitched back and my stitches took 40 days to heal completely. My gyneacologist had advised me to take Transamin 500mg for a week when i visited her after 55days of delivery and I took it for about 20 days. Kindly suggest me something I shall be very obliged. Jazak Allah


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Dr. Asima Fazal


Walikum salam. It is possible that you may have started your period so if the bleeding is not heavy and stops in 5 to 6 days nothing to worry but if it is heavy with large clots you should see your gynecologist. You may need an ultrasound and blood hormones checked to find out the cause of bleeding. Also continue taking iron supplements as you may already be anemic because of blood loss at delivery and later.

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