I'm married since 2years. I concieved 6months back which ended up in miscarriage at 5weeks. I'm Alhamdulillah again 14weeks pregnant. My weight is 79 with 5'2. I had slightly raised insulin so Dr prescribed me glucophage 500mg tds for 3months and after that I concieved easily within 1.5months. Currently I'm taking folic acid,glucophage,Ascard and duphaston. I'm also getting ivf injections for safety. My question is how log should I take Ascard and glucophage? And should I continue taking injections for 1 to 2 weeks more? Two days back,while peeing I passed single thread like dark brown discharge and yesterday morning I had same thing but there is no bleeding and pain Alhamdulillah. And now there's nothing. Is there something to worry about? I'm having my monthly appointment after 12days. Should I go for ultrasound? Please guide me as my Dr is outta Saudia these days.


Yes it is better to get an ultrasound to make sure everything is fine. And continue the treatment as prescribed by your doctor. At your next appointment your doctor will let you know for how long you will need these medicines to continue according to your and baby's condition.


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Sorry to bother you. But does this kind of discharge is worrisome? Or it can occur in pregnancy?

11 months ago

Dr. Asima Fazal

As long as there is no bleeding it is not an emergency but any discharge should be evaluated. A brownish discharge may be due to some mild internal bleeding and then later old blood coming out. So it is better to do an ultrasound.

11 months ago


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Dtop ascard and see your dr