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Aslam o Alikum... i m pcos patient and currently 6 weeks pregnant..i m having all time white discharge from start... but today when i go to washroom i have clear opaque sticky discharge come out from my vagina ... why i m having all these too much discharges... is ths condition is harmful 4 baby?? Nd i m having constipation to.... and nausea too


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Usually pv discharge is physiological.. if there’s a change in amount, colour or odour or if there’s any itching, pain or any other related symptom then it becomes an infection.. u need to see ur gynac and inform her about this because bacterial vaginosis is a cause of preterm labour


Increased discharge during pregnancy is common and normal
However if it is foul smelling or causing itching then it needs treatment so you can go accordingly


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It seems to be a normal discharge
But take advice n check up from yr dr