Pregnancy Pain


Im 25weeks pregnant and i dont have any issue apart that whenever i lay down or get up my pelvic bone, tail bone and the bones which connect with my leg they pain pretty badly. Theres no other symptom. Its my 4th pregnancy. And ive never felt so much discomfort. So much that i cant even walk or change positions in sleep or get up. Also i would like to know if i can sleep straight on my back cause thats how i want to sleep and feel comfortable in sleeping. Tia


MBBS, MCPS | Karachi

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Sleep as you like,use a lot of cushion,I hope u r taking ur calcium n iron
supplements.Please dont worry once the pregnancy is over,it will get
better.Try n sit in early morning sun

Dr. Munazza Malik

we say this problem pubic symphsis occurs in pregnancy usually due to hormones effects of pregnancy that effects the joints .the joint become loose so you feel pain while walking n getting should sleep by taking pillow between two thighs n even you can use a little bit warm bottle between two thigh n rather than sleeping straight lie down on one side more on left side

1 year ago

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