I'm 25 and got married 3 months ago. from past one month i was having symptoms of pregnancy like nausea and fatigue and it was so intense sometimes but got negative twice from home test. i missed my periods but i got them after 13 days. i had no pms like cramps. my flow is normal like periods but lighter than my usual flow and now i'm feeling weakness and pain in my abdomen. is it anything to be worried about or its just the change of my cycle?


Dear,its normal to have disturbed periods in honeymoon period,d/t multiple factors including change of environment,living with new people,stress,anxiety,change in sleeping and eating habits,hormonal change,so no nee to worry,enjoy...



It's a normal phenomenon
Pray from ALLAH for healthy baby.


aoa!!I want to know,where I have been placed,as physcian or an article
writer?? I have no issues in answering these questions,but what is the


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I agree with Dr Tayyeba Mirza that it may only be a disturbed period due to change in lifestyle after marriage, but as the lady is complaining of abdominal pain after being overdue it's better to visit a gynecologist for examination. She may need serum beta hcg and ultrasound pelvis according to examination findings.


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Its quite normal to miss periods
When u are tense
Change of environment
Change in diet or life style

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