Pubic Bone Pain 25 Week


Hello dr I am 24 weeks pregnant and from The first week i started the pubic bone pain left side.i did all of my blood work and ultrasound and did not have any abnormilites but the pain wrost day by day i can not move without my husband support when i lie on the bed.plz suggest the causes of this more thing before pregnancy i have a cyst on my left ovary. Thanks This is my second attempt no one reply??


You may get your calcium and vitamin D levels checked. I hope you are already taking the calcium supplements prescribed by your doctor. Sometimes it is common to have pain in the pelvic bones diring pregnancy as the ligaments are losened naturally in preparation for delivery.

Dr. Asima Fazal

Regarding the cyst if it is small in size , no need to worry. Most cysts disappear on their own.

2 years ago

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