Retroperitoneal Fibrosis

I was diagnosed in feb 1.2 cm in diameter n 6.8 cm in length around aorta strtng from its bifurcation..had abdominal, back flank pain..almost 1 year after C-section...40 mg preds for 1 month then 20 next month n 10 in 3rd given by my dr ..had mild regression by dropping 10 mg preds for 2 months made no difference.. RFTs, CRP, ESR, ANA, ANCA, all normal Had ITP 5 years back which was settled after use of low dose preds n immuran for three months..never had again m hypertensive since last 18 yrs..took atenolol n losarton potassium for b.p ..n aldomat in pregnancy


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I think your problem would better be solved by a physician

All the best


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Aoa dear,
U need full assessment regarding the aortitis, ureter involvement etc.
Its a combined approach by vascular surgeon, urologist and physician.
I will advice you to see me in person with all reports.
Steroids is first line treatment but newer options are available so u do need proper assessment.
Dr R U
Midcity hosp.