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Dear Doc In my semen analysis report sperm count is not good enough that ups & down, sperm motility issue & 5? of total is active,is there any issue in reproductive system, please advise. Looking forward to hearing from you My personal regards,


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2.5 milliliters is a normal volume. A very low volume indicates that the seminal vesicles may not be making enough fluid or that these ducts may be blocked. It may also indicate a problem with the prostate gland. Sperm Count 40 million to 300 million is the normal range for the number of sperm per milliliter. Counts below 10 million are considered poor; counts of 20 million or more may be fine if motility and morphology are normal. Motility The number of active cells as a percentage of the total number of cells, at least 50% should be active Morphology At least 30% of cells should be of normal . Consult some andrologist, he will better guide you


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I agree with the response given by my friend. Consult an endocrinologist who is a good andrologist as well.

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