Sore Breast Before Periods

Hi. I m trying to conceive since 2 years. Each nd every report of mine nd my husband is clear. Now from the last 2 month i m having this problem that a week ago of my periods i start feeling my breast really sore and severe pain in breast that i can't them even. Everytime i think it might be the sign of pregnancy but its not. Priods starts everymonth. What could be the reason? (I m not using any medicine since last 4 months)


Breasts do get sore a week before periods in every cycle. Some woman feel it more some don't. It is due to hormonal changes that occur in each cycle. Also when someone is pregnant sore breasts are an early sign. As you are trying to conceive you are thinking about the early signs and so you feel the normal changes of the cycle. I can understand it is difficult time for you but just try to stay relaxed and try not to think too much about pregnancy. Wishing you all the best.