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hi. I had d&c in dec 2015. Since then I am having 3 to 4 days dark brown spotting before periods every month. I took antibiotics and some hormonal medicines but it comes back when stop taking meds. my all reports came back normal. now I am trying to conceive so doc prescribed me clomid which I have to take from cd 2 to 6 but problem is when to count my cd 1? from spotting or from full flow? I have consulted many doctors from saudi arabia and lahore. some says cd 1 is from spotting some days cd 1 is from full flow. I am really confused. right now I am in lahore


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answer please I have to start medicine.


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U probably hav an infection because of which u hav premenstrual spotting ..
but usually u would count the first day of cycle from the start of spotting
coz technically u r menstruating .. I hope that answers ur question.
Take care


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what kind of infection it could be? which test I should go for to see if i have infection?

2 years ago

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