Stomach Issue

POSTING AGAIN NO ONE ANSWERED BEFORE. AoA I m 14 weeks and 5 days pregnant i had my last check up on 28th may and everything was fine Alhumdulillah. I told my doctor about heartburn and acidity she gave me syrup ulsanic. Now the issue is heartburn and acidity is gone but i burp alot after every meal. A pressure start building up at the back of head resulting in nausea and vomit as soon as i eat something. This is not morning sickness bcz i faced different symptoms of morning sickness in my first trimester. In first trimester i faced low bp and headaches but after eating headaches were cured. I have no history of migraine.Now i want to know what is the issue is this normal or should i rush to emergency. Sometimes syrup helps in headaches and then no nausea and vomit. In worst scanerio i take envepe to stop vomit recommended by my doctor. Detailed answer will help me alot. Thanks in anticipation.


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As the duration of pregnancy increases, the stomach is comes under pressure due to the growing size of uterus. This leads to increasing episodes of nausea, abdominal discomfort and nausea. So don't worry many people experience them , especially tose who are predisposed.

You should consult your doctor . She will add something to allay the discomfort.