Tablets For Periods Delay

Salam, I m 29 yrs old with one daughter having iucd two years ago. I face spotting after periods and I took transamine 500 mg only when issue comes. I m going for Hajj but the prob is my cycle is short I get periods after 18 days that continue for 7-10 days. Hajj k 40 days Mae kis trha manage kru? Skipping two cycles with medication will affect my reproductive ability? Also I heard no matter AP medication let lo phr b spotting ho skti h due to over exertion and heat in saudia. This month my date is 1 St July and Hajj is on 30-31 August. Please guide


MBBS,FCPS | Lahore

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Remove iucd now and start primolut n 3 times daily till the time u