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My wife, while giving first birth had a vaginal tear which was treated and there were no underlying complications. It was back in 2013. Now she is expecting to give birth to our second child. Till now our doctor didn't ask or suggest anything (may be because she didn't know about the first tear) but in our last appointment she suggested for a c-section rather than a normal birth. Based on ultra sounds and sonograms she always suggested that everything is normal and you should be good for a normal delivery. Now in the last appointment she suggested c-section, based on vaginal tear during first birth. Few questions as date is arriving and we are a bit desperate. 1- If we go for a normal delivery, what are the risks for a tear again? Even if there is a tear, what could be the complications? How bad could that be? 2- If we go for c-section, what are the risks? 3- Whose risks are bad? 4- Based on above what do you suggest?


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If have had a perineal tear in the last pregnancy ( which can only be confirmed by previous notes or examination) , its better to go for a C section again. The perineal tear may be worsened by the normal delivery.
And the symptoms if any, already present could get aggravated.

C Section is safe nowadays. However every intervention has got its own problems


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Thanks Doctor. First birth was in UK and unfortunately we are missing the notes from the last time. Is there any test or ultrasound we can undergo now in order to evaluate?

1 year ago

Dr. Rabia Wajid
Dr. Rabia Wajid - Gynecologist

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review-img 41 Positive Reviews

Its always good to have a look on the previous record before giving the final opinion. I think its better if your wife calls me now

1 year ago

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