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This was my first round on lezra(2.5) each day for 5 days starting CD 3. On 12th day , i got a trigger shot. My hormonal levels are normal... my cycle has been very irregular. My cycle started yesterday on DAY 29. I have never had a cycle so perfect which I was happy for. However, I was broken because things didn't work out this cycle and I didn't conceive. Trying again... I am on metformin. I just want a little hope that it will work out for me :/ a few positive words would mean a lot to me.


The good thing is that you have started getting the treatment and also that your cycle has got regular now. lezra does help in ovulation but not always have sucess with first cycle. Wishing you all the best and continue the treatment as given by your doctor. You will inshaAllah soon get a positive result.

Dr. Rabia Wajid - Gynecologist

MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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My dear, you must understand that the treatment of infertility entails patience , money and time. My teacher told me that Infertility is not a disease, it a desire.
You will Insha Allah conceive in due course of time. Make sure that the husband semen analysis and the tubal patency, both are ok and you are taking folic acid & Evion on regular basis
The ovulation induction drugs usually regulate the periods so no need to get suprised.
All prayers your way...


You have to continue treatment with letrozole as irregularity of period is indicative that normally you don’t ovulate
Hopefully you will conceive

Dr. Sadia Waheed - Gynecologist

MBBS, FCPS (Obs & Gyn) | Rawalpindi

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follow your doctor advice and don't be tense as anxiety and tension can generate more problems in conception. just take treatment and pray and leave all to GOD. HE is the best planner indeed, its not necessary to conceive on first go. Inshallah youll get your wish fulfilled soon

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