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We are trying to concieve from 10 months with no success yet. 2 months ago i went for general checkup to a gynacologist and in ultrasound report there was a 4.4cm subserosal fibroid on anterior wall of utrus rest was normal. She prescribed me prolifen (50mg twice from cd2-cd5) , ovitex(1 daily), fsegyn(4 at a time just for a day in whole month) and vibramycn(2 for 10 days) for 3 months. I tried them for a month and stopped as my friend who is gynacologist suggested me to have hormonal test done 1st. My question is , is my fibroid responsible for delaying of pregnancy?


Ehsan Imam

Dr. Rukhsana Tariq , can you please help?


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Don't worry as you have only been married for the last 10 months. Most of the couples usually conceive in a year. I hope the husband semen analysis is normal.
This fibroid does not seem to be the cause for your infertility unless it is distorting the uterine cavity. You are on the right path. Take Folic Acid and Vit E as well


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Thank you so much Dr. Rabia for your kind response.

1 year ago

Dr. Rabia Wajid
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review-img 41 Positive Reviews

Always welcome

1 year ago

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