I conceived in may. My bhcg report was positive but sac wasn't visible I went to gynaecologist she gave me duphaston n weekly injection for 6 weeks. My lmp was 5th April n blood report was positive on 16th may. Same day I started having blood clots. Sh didn't examine me n said when 6 injections will complete then she will do ultrasound. On 2nd July Dr said I have nothing I miscarried. From 3rd July onwards I had spotting for two weeks then one week gap n again normal bleeding for one week then I had my periods on 1st August, then 1st September then I missed them for whole month in October no blood or UPT postive. Again I had periods on 1st November then on 11th Dec. Is my cycle irregular? My husband visits after 3 weeks minimum. Is it the reason I am not conceiving? Before marriage I had cycle of 35 days with 3 days up or down same happens now sometimes they're on exact date sometime one week delayed but flow and days are normal. Kindly suggest what to do

Dr. Afshan Aziz - Gynecologist


AOA dear,
sorry to hear about your early miscarriage, they are common and due to chromosomal abnormalities and many other reason.
here you mentioned, your husband is not living with You, if it is the case than it is a big reason.
pregnancy needs two person, and both should be healthy.
menstural cycle get disturb when you stress yourself, I am seeing this in your case.
you are young, give yourself some time, maintain your weight. get your periods become normal.
You took so many medicine when conceived. it effect on your periods.
pray alot. InshaAllaha you 'll conceive.

Dr. Maria Imran - Gynecologist

MBBS, FCPS (Obs & Gyn) | Lahore

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Ur cycle seems to hav become irregular after the miscarriage .. in ur next cycle on the second day get ur LH, FSH , S. Prolactin & TFTs done .. and then on ur 12 day of cycle get ur follicle size assessed on pelvic scan.. also u need to know about ur fertility days especially since u r not living with ur husband ... get these investigations done .. and know that ur fertility days r btw 10th-22nd day of ur cycle .. so try for a baby during this time for maximum success

Dr. Shaheena Asif - Gynecologist

MBBS,FCPS | Lahore

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Stop all medication for 2 to. 3 months
And have some rest
Then see your doctor

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