I had a typhoid fever last year in septmber..it was recoverd by antibiotics..but i started feeling itching and buring while passing urine or after passing.... i got urine test 1st report was protein+ turbidity+ deposit+ amorphous+ pus cells and epithelial cell were there... after 1 month had done again test ..report was almost same and blood was also + at that test...3rd test dono after 2 months and blood was +++ ... it was the history of last year... In this year, last month i had done urine test im posting the report here.... and recently i have done urine culture sensitivity.. report is attacted... kindly explain the reports... and know what i should do as my urine still in little bit dark yellow and sometime i feel itching too.. Im unmarried. .


This time you just take cranmax sachet in water once a day.this report is not showing significant pus cells so no need to worry about.