Vaginal Discharge

i m married. have 2 kids via c section. i m having discharge problem . after 4 , 5 days of periodz white thin jelly like discharge comes out it continues till the next peeiod date... due to this problem i m having pain in my hip bone and back also...


The discharge you explained looks like the normal physiological discharge that every woman had. some has more some has less. if the discharge is thick whitish and is causing itching then it is due to infection. To be on safe side go to your doctor for an examination and if it is an infection she will give you medicine for that. as far as the pain in bones it is not due to discharge but may be due to deficiency of calcium and vitamin D. Take calcium and vitamin D supplements on a regular basis. Eat healthy diet and exercise regularly.


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You may be having normal discharge which is common after periods.
But if it is smelly or associated with itching get yourself examined by a doctor.
As far as backache is concerned you shoul use Vit D and Calcium supplements regularly


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mam i took the multivitamin and calciuk also but after taking 10 or 15 tablets i started gaining weight

1 year ago