Vaginal Discharge

Salam dr h r u I m from peshawar Nd its my 7 month I m facing 2 to 3 drops of thick white discharge daily Nd have sore vaginal area I consult almost 3 gyneacologst for vaginal discharge They gave me canesten tablet nd vagibact cream nd antibiotics for vaginal infection Btt with the use of medinces my discharge disapears for few days bt again i m facing the same problem every week:( Drs i need ur help what should i do for this discharge nd soreness of pee area plz help


Walikum salam. It seems to be candiadal fungal infection. Canesten cream is good for it but if it is reoccuring you need to get tested for diabetes . Also you need to properly wash all your clothings when you are treated so that there is no re infection.