Varicose Veins And Prgncy

In last preg i got varicose veins during 2nd trimester but i didnt know what it was at the time after c sec i had superficial thrombophalabites , right leg was effected , got proper treatment , had another prg that only lsted 1.5month but vv developed in left leg also , now i am preg again , is there any danger or complication ? Consulted 2 docs they said it has only solution stockng or surger , what do u recomend


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Dr. Asima Fazal Please help.


There are chances that you may develop varicose veins again in this pregnancy, which themselves are not serious but sometimes leads to complications like superficial thrombophelebits which you developed before or even more serious deep vein thrombosis but these complications are rare. You should use compression stockings as advised by your doctor, and avoid standing for prolonged durations. Take care and look for any signs of infection , redness , severe pain etc. In most patients varicose veins improve after delivery but if persist surgery is advised.


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u cannot stop them from developing..all u have take care is that u dont
develop DVT..keep urself well hydrated, drink lots of water n keep
walking.dont confine urself to bed.n n wear stockings.if u develop pain in
calves or anywhere consult ur doctor immediately.u can search on net for
symptoms of DVT careful for that


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Right now i dnt not have any other pain and its been many months i walk 4.5 km daily but one thing i feel is when ever i get up in the morning i can put my feet on floor properly and if i walk my heels pain but this thing goes right after 5 to 10 min this also happens when i travel although i use stockings but when i stand or try to walk after travel my feet pains.
One more que please does this have any effect on knees ?

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