I want vba2c but doctor has said this is impossible my first c section was 6 years ago and 2nd was 5 years ago when'll b i elligible for vba2c is this possible in pakistan or lahore in first case was no problem i said to my dostor for c section bcoz there was no idea for about operation after that i bear those problem when my first baby was 4 months old i was expecting and doctor has said in fatima memorial hospital ur scar is thick so u can vbac but other doctors said that it is imposible but when i was in labour doctors tried for vbac but my water was broke and happened problem with baby Please please tell me the best option and doctor and hospital for vba2c where already do vba2c yet i am not pregnant but i wish that when i will be elligible then i will concieve or before that i check proper


Having desire of VBac after two sections is not bad idea
BUT Elective VBac after 2C Sec is done only in few Centers in London and USA not in Pakistan So I will recommend you to have 3rd C Section

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