Hi. its my second pregnancy. My first baby is 2 years and 6 months old. My Expected date of delivery given by doctor is 12 May. I had C-section in my first delivery. The reason was that my uterus couldn't open more then 2.5 cm in 2.5hours. and labor pains were also induce by drip.They were not naturally induced. Now this time i want to deliver baby naturally. I want to give vaginal birth after c-section.Is this safe for me.? I have horizontal cut in my belly not vertical. so in this sense it safe. Can you please guide me for Vaginal birth. And how to induce labor pains naturally.I desperately want to deliver baby Normally no more c section this time. so please guide me and give tips for fast dilation and opening of cervix. Please guide me with the help of your team. JazakAllah

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