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Hello, My husband's brother just got diagnosed with thalassemia alpha. No one in my husbands family knows if they are carriers of it. My husband is not taking this very serious but right now this diagnosis made me worried as I am 20 weeks pregnant. In previous weeks I had routine checkups and according to the doctor, everything is fine with the baby. My questions are a) Is there any possibility that by any chance i am also a thalassemia carrier and nobody knows until now? at this stage of my pregnancy. 2) normal blood tests or tests for KUB cover thalassemia diagnosis? 3) what are the possibilities to get to know if the baby is having any problem? This is not a cousin marriage plus I am anaemic and having iron tablets since last two months. my next visit is due on 24th Jan. I do not have any reports of mine. I just need answers to these questions and advise what to do? please tag a relevant doctor. Thank you so much.


1. If u or ur husband is carrier only then baby can be a carrier otherwise not.
2. No
3. U n ur husband should get ur hb electrophoresis done to see if anyone of u has alpha thalasemia carrier or not. If not then everything will be ok INSHAALLAH.
Dr mursleen ali


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thank you so much for your reply.

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