Extreme Headache

Salam ! I've been suffering from headache/migraine from last 1 and half week. It gets extreme suddenly and i can't do anything in that time. It feels like my head is gonna explode and it feels heavy all the time. I have not any stress or tension of that level but I think too much. Please suggest me what should I do ? Or recommend some good doctor please.


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come to me at Lateef Hospital. Allah Hoo choke Lahore.


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You require prophylactic anti-migraine medicine for 4-6 months and see a doctor if symptoms persist for longer than 4-6months or medication doesn’t improve your symptoms.


Muzaffar abbas

Assalamalikum Ya Ali madad Dear sir need your help I was suffering from depression and anxiety It was first experience with me in my life I go to nearby hospital there was a doctor who prescribed me medications which didn't help me she was a mbbs doctor who was dealing the whole psychiatriy department he prescribed me quitin antypsychotic and esctiloplarm both make me tired weak day by day I stopped after a two month and get check by specialist doctor he treat me good with some test of vitamin d b 12 the both were less than average I had taken mythcobal calcium and vitamin D now I had bad pain in back both lower ribs cage sides and muscles of middle back get tight at midnight x Ray is also clear this pain started when I take quitin antypsychotic tablet and esctiloplarm
Please help me

1 month ago