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A.o.A.my father has been suffering from severe depression and stress from 3 years.Due to this now he have blood pressure and neurology issue.In his Mri disease diagnose dementia.At a time we r showing him 2 doctors psychiatrist +neurologist.but there is very little recovery.we have done lot of counseling from psychologist but father behave same.Now he has having trouble in walking we r doing physiotherapy but no result.....he is taking these medicines bestilo olanzia rivotril zolp xplended concor irecon-h Navidoxine cq-10 pk-merz requip


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Yes of course these pt respond less than any one expectation. Dementia
needs constantly caregiver and physiotherapist. Continue the medicines
please send the tests if possible. Thanks


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Before more medication are added to list
See me and let me see if he is properly treated
Marham can help you to schedule appointment


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Dear u need to have MRI brain screening protocol
Then send me pics of films


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my father condition is getting worse day by day.now he can't even stand and walk properly and get fallen.we r doing his physiotherapy but no recovery