Headache Stomatch Pain Vision Problem And Pain In Whole Body Especially In Brain


Whenever she wake up she feel pain in brain. Does not eat well because of stomatch pain.


Farrukh Chaudhry

I have treated these type of headache
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We can Inshah Allah get rid of her headache


MBBS, MS (Neuro Surgery) 1 | Lahore

These are two differents problems.one is headache and other is stomach
pain..stomach pain can be due to stomach inflamtion (gastritis or ulcer)for
this she should anti H2 receptors or prtoton pump inhibitors like zantac
150 mg morning and evening or cap ezium 20 mg morning and avening before
meal.but remeber this is symptomatic.u should consult to any medical
specialist or GP to rule out different causes.
Abt headache,things which are important .
1. in which part of head she feels pain
2. from how much time she is suffering
3. complains of nausea or vomiting
According to age and sympotms which u mentioned it is necesary to consult
neurosureon to rule out any brain tumor .


MBBS, FCPS | Karachi

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Full neurological examination is needed
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