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Assalam o alaikum! My query is about my brother ...he is 31 years old. He was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and doc adviced to have surgery there were two water ballons in his brain one in upper brain and a lower brain. Surgery was performed and vp shunt was inserted but right after 3 days shunt got block again.. and doc operated it in the third day of surgery...doc said that water drain from lower brain so didn't insert shunt in lower brain.. but after second surgery ballon appear again... and he went through another surgery and this time he went for magnetic shunt...Nsc small stratra 2 Programmer ...it's been 5 months after surgery now for past one month he's been complaing of severe pain in head while movement... we went to doc and he said k shunt is working but noticed over drainage of csf ... the setting of this valve is 2 currently. Doc asked him to take rest and he is being doing that for several days but his condition didn't change... no improvement... i need help what can be


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Need urgent ct scan brain plan
For possible hydrocephalus


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Dr did ct scan it's fine but showing over drainage of csf. Megnetic valve is working but it is over draining csf doc isn't even ready to change setting of megnetic valve... he asked for bed rest but condition is not getting better csf filled in 8 hours what can be the possible reason of this condition .. here doc is unable to understand.
Thank you dr for response.

2 years ago

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