Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertension


Assalamoalaikum docs.. i used to feel dizzy at times but didnt bother much,thought its coz of weakness or something but one morning when i woke up i saw black patches in front of my eyes n black dots i went to an eye specialist he diagnosed me with papiloedema..n reffered me to a neurophyscian.. after going through MRI n CT scans of the brain which were clear Alhumdulilah the doc said i had IIH.. its been 4 months now im on hi-top 25mg.. i want to know if this disease is curable or not? is it common? dangerous? whats its treatment?


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Thank you for asking the question. In IIH the amount CSF is more in brain. This is a fluid generated daily up to 150 ml and it circulates into blood stream. Problem arises when this fluid doesn't get into the blood and keep putting pressure on brain and adjacent nerves especially the optic nerve. This is controllable by reducing the amount of CSF in brain and periodic check up by neurologist.

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you need to lose weight if you are overweight. take tab. lasix 40 mg daily. get MRV and see ur neurophysician at earliest. in long run u can get blindness


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Aoa! Sir I am a Computer engineer age 30yrs, normal weight. I am having Carpal tunnel syndrome in Right hand. Should i go for surgery or wait for sometime? I am having this issue from last 1.5month after rubella virus. My job is related to coding (computer usage) so what should i do? Please help. Should i visit you?

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