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Sir in last post having title of paralysis, u told me that my mother have MCA stroke. Sir i want to ask she will be treated with medicine or being operated? Any chances of recovery??? Mca stroke effect was minimal or severe?????


Farrukh Chaudhry

No surgery
We have to evaluate patient to decide what can be done


if she is having ischemic stroke , she wuld be managed with medicines .. no need of surgery .. and regarding recovery , it ll take some time and no one can predict the exact duration , u shuld have to only focus her diet , physiotherapy and social support .. and apart from it mange her active medical issues like hypertension and diabetes 


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Ischemic strokes doesnot need surgery.
but you should get her investigated for the reason of ischemic stroke.
being a vascular surgeon i deal with patients who have ischemic strokes due to blockade of carotid vessels, i do surgery to open up blocked vessels so that she doesnot get any further such strokes.
so my recommendation will be to get a duplex scan of her carotid vessels and get my opinion on the report.


Asiya Niazi

Sir ICA and CCA of left side have decreased values of PSV and EDV due to which mild to severe stenosis has been evaluated by Carotid Doppler ultrasonography.

1 year ago

Dr. Rashid Usman
Dr. Rashid Usman - Vascular Surgeon

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That means she has blockade of her carotids. Pl email me her reports and see me in clinic in midcity for further evaulation soon, whether she will benefit from surgery or not. This is to remind you that if she does have severe stenosis as u mentioned then a major stroke can happen again soon. So get her sorted before actually if happens.
Dr R U

1 year ago

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