Neuropathic Pain...

My mother is neuropathic patient and she is using *vitamin b complex, gabix, proxen, neuroboin* these medicines but she isn't recovering . she is still suffering from nerve pain, inflammation in feet and stress in legs muscles.. Please help her to recover.


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The issues u r describing could be related to diabetes,
so if your mother is diabetic also, u must consult a vascular surgeon like myself for urgent assessment of vascular problems in her legs.


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We have gone through sugar test.. But she dont have sugar...

1 year ago

Dr. Rashid Usman
Dr. Rashid Usman - Vascular Surgeon

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ok, in that case , see a competant neurologist

1 year ago


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If medication and vitamin fails to help you
We can help you with out medication
Dr Farrukh
American board certified neurologist


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Yeah please help me.. What else we can do to get rid of this problem

1 year ago


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Neurosurgical examination is required to access the level of Spinal


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She needs a proper neurological examination first in order to ascertain the neuropathy and also determine its variety and cause. Appropriate treatment may then help her. The chice of drug also matters a lot. Out of the ones you mentined, only gabix is effective if at all, but it works at a higher dose range; not sure what exact dosages she is taking. So better the patient must see a neurophysician.