Numbness In Hand And Head

before 2 month ago the numbness start from my right hand.Nerve study said that ulner nerve compressed.Dr said do surgery.Now left hand has nubness if i keep my elbow on anything.Now if i keep pilow on my head then my head nubness going to start.All neuro & orthopaedic said surgery of ulner nerve.if problem is compression of one nerve so why on other parts has this problem..i become fedup from moving hospitals No one is there to verify and tell the exact reason and treatment.i Can't afford expensive treatment.Anyone can help to tell me reason.i have no injury in past.i am smoking from 8 years.i am healthy not weak.


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Aurangzeb Kalhoro

10 months ago


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You should schedule appointment through Marham
Inshah Allah i will help you
Very few physicians in Pakistan can do and read proper nerve testing


Aurangzeb Kalhoro

After visiting to consultants if they suspecting ulnar nerve compression based on your case history.
ulnar nerve cause more of motor function loss rather than sensory.
it is commonly compressed at elbow joint .
1. Use soft Elbow Pad at your involved arm
2. Go for some investigation EMG and NCV of involve hand to confirm diagnosis
while medication will adviced.
3. Physiotherapy is adviced of involved hand


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