Restless Leg Syndrome

Hello, I m 24 years old male,having this undescriable uncomfortable pain like feeling in my left leg from comes and goes on its own during years.whenever it happens its always in my left leg between ankle and knee.from last 2 weeks its very uncomfortable..i went on the internet to find what this problem is and to my underatanding the symptoms are most likely of RESTLESS LEG is very uncomfortable that i cant even sleep due to this..feel like wanted to stretch my leg as long as i can..stretching gives a momentarily relief..but its not going away..please suggest a treatment for this... P.s : my mother suffers from this condition as well...


Asma Salman Omer

Dear Member, This issue needs to be checked by an orthopedic doctor. It would be great if you visit Dr. Iqbal Mirza , If you give him reference of MARHAM, he will check you without any consultation charges. You can also call him at 042-32591427, 042-32591427,


MBBS, FCPS | Karachi

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Dear u should consult vascular surgeon for possible laser or sclerotherapy