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I have dealt with depression for 2 year and i got a little bit better but for the since last year ive been having anxiety problems. I also cannot sleep untill sunrise. I stay tired all day. Even when i sleep in the morning my sleep is disturbed. I wakeup alot of times during sleep, sometimes screaming or very worried or i immediatly standup. When i close eyes i feel somethings around me which makes sleeping even harder. I have trouble breathing sometimes. Panic attacks are a common occurence during my day. Its getting difficult day by day. I was also diagnosed with clinical depression and biplor disorder 2 3 years ago.


You must consult a psychiatrist

Dr Saad Bashir in Gulberg is a good psychiatrist


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Recommend me someone from karachi please!

Dr. Adeel Ur Rehman - Dentist

BDS | Islamabad

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Salam. I would recomend u to involve ur self in positive religious activities like Namaz and ask Allah for sakoon. Although I am a dental doctor but I think that medical science can not cure these problem and psychiatric drugs makes u more psychic. If ur interested I can guide u more.


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You're right and im doing that as well.
But im having issues. Sometimes i forget where i am for seconds to minutes sometimes. Like today i forgot my way back. I walk the same path everyday and its a straight road but i forgot which way to go. I live alone. I thought what if i get someone to stay with me the whole night maybe ill feel more safe and fall asleep easily but it didnt help.
Im fine other then this. One cant suspect if somethings wrong with me. Im very cheerful and a good student but these things happen even though i dont think about it or make a fuss about it but i just thought i should post it here see if its a real issue or is it something other people experiance too.


You should consult a psychiatrist Dr Iqbal Afridi National Medical Centre 3:00 to 4:00 pm mon wed or fri .

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