Throbbing Pain Inside Left Half Of Head

Hi, Yesterday I felt queer pain inside left part of my head. It felt like a wave of pain suddenly occurs into the left side and disappears in no time. It happened many times between 8 PM to 1 AM. Then I fell asleep. And now writing this post I feel same pain but it's lighter than yesterday's pain. I work as a Consultant in a Chartered Accountants firm in Islamabad and that's why I sit in front of computer for hours daily. Also, I have to receive a lot of phone calls everyday. Further, I'm not overweight and eyesight is a bit weaker but I'm not wearing glasses nowadays. I want to know if it's some serious problem or it's only a result of my unhealthy routine? If it may be a serious problem then where should I go for medical examination.


MBBS (KEMC), MD (USA) | Lahore

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We have treated patients with your symptoms
You need Neurologist evaluation and than needs proper treatment
These symptoms will affect your quality of life and professionalism


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I am in Islamabad. Do you have any clinic here?

1 year ago