Weakness And Slight Vibration In Hands

i am feeling vibration in my hands whenever i push or hold anything firmly. May be this is because of nerve weakness. i am observing this issue since past 1 year. i also have issue of penile drops leakage. are both issues interlinked? kindly guide me what to do. will be highly obliged. Atleast suggest me any good doctor. Thankyou


MBBS (KEMC), MD (USA) | Lahore

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You need
Mri cervical spine without contrast


MBBS, FCPS | Karachi

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I live in karachi.. Can't tell u without doing examination
U need 2 drs
Neurologist and


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Sir you are right but there is issue in finding 2 doctors who can coordinate and listen each other. Can you recommend doctors in Lahore?

1 year ago