Skinny Butt (hip), Skinny Body, Skinny Wrist... N Too Much Skinny.. Weight Gain Problem

I m 23 years old, n my weight is only 40 kg ... My height is 5'3 ... M too much worried... Mai bht skinny hun.. Koi cheez suit nai karti... Mai kya karun... ????


Keeping in mind your age. We consider that it can be due to many conditions. One can be genetic, for which you cannot do much. Second can be hyperthyroidism which is much common in our population for which you can arrange a consult with a general physician/endocrinologist. Third, it can be just the mismatch between Leptin:Ghrelin hormones. Overall, if your blood levels, thyroid hormone levels and BMI is normal then you should not be worried about it. It would all start with just calculating your BMI and proceed to the next step. Also, it is suggested to have exercising habits, food hygiene and other daily practices that can help you have a healthier life.