Stage 4 Breast Cancer

salam respected sir sir my mom has suffering from stage 4 breast cancer from last 2.5 year and cancer spread to liver bone lung and brain sir we treated with herceptin and xeloda 12 cycle after that again treated with herceptin and carboplatin 6 cycle and after that treated with cyclophosphamide and dexorubicin 6 cycle last cyle was done before 1 month ago after that what can we do sir i hope you will give me positve response


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Depending on patients condition, she need to continue some type of
treatment with herceptin and other medicine with it. Need more details to
answer specific question.


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thanks respected sir

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Thanks for consultation.Can you plz share the staging work up reports so
that we can plan to control the local disease but for metastatic diseae
your mother will need life long chemotherapy.


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Need detailed pathology with receptor status.

There are other options of chemotherapy and also combination of herceprin
with partuzumab with or without chemo.
Third option is palliative care only.
Any further treatment will depend on patient overall physical condition and
performance status.
If you like you can visit at POC on Friday with patient we can guide you
Sabir Hussain MD FRCPC