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Feel fiction in bones and sound especially when go for salaa prayer there is much sond produced by knee joints Please provide better suggestions to recover


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Although this can be answered after examining you but it looks like you are having some sort of arthritis.Need to know about your detailed history including any medical condition you are suffering or any treatment you are getting for any other issues and any trauma history to reach the exact etiology and also basic labs investigation should be done keeping in mind the history and examination.


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so which lab test i would done

8 months ago

Dr. Qurban Hussain
Dr. Qurban Hussain - General Physician

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CBC with ESR
X ray knee joints
serum calcium and phosphorus
serum Alkaline phosphatase

8 months ago


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Dear Marham,

Patient seems to have degenerative arthritis of knee joint. It needs activity modification, life style change and weight reduction. Analgesics may help but the underlying problem needs to sorted out by certain interventions like intra articular injections, arthroscopy, orthobiologics or replacement.


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in your age bones should be fine.
do you play lot of sports?