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I've been suffering from coccydynia since April 2018. I've experienced a fall from the stairs. Xrays show no bone fracture or displacement. I'm 22 years old and have been on painkillers prescribed by orthopedics. Now the pain has stopped responding to otc analgesics. It's worse on sitting beyond 15 min. It radiates towards the left leg upto the big toe. I can't even lie down straight. There's no way it goes away. What should I do? I've tried physiotherapy, usg, infrared, TENS in the past but the pain has never disappeared completely. Do I need a nerve block or coccyx removal?


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you need some strict precautions to prevent further damage then nerve block is definitely the next option.
coccyx removal is last thing. but lot of people successfully respond to nerve block.


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Thank you so much sir.
I want to ask how much time will the nerve block procedure take and the time for recovery? I'm actually a medical student and can't afford to miss my classes. Do you perform this procedure at your place?

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Dr. Muhammad Bilal
Dr. Muhammad Bilal - Orthopedic Surgeon

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procedure will be performed in theatre under local Anesthesia.takes about half an will go home same day. back to normal work in two three days. you can get it done on Friday and joint your medical school on Monday.
yes i do at my place.

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come to have visit and i ll personally examine and then will conclude what to do inshaAllah


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