High Fever, Weakness


After staying in hospital for 20 days in januray due to high fever and weakness, she hasn't recovered well Fever is there regularly And for last 30 odd days She cant even walk at all due to weakness and cant feel anything in the lower body parts All tests are clear Doctors say that its mainly due to weakness Please suggest something asap She is not well and really weak.

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MBBS, FCPS (Gastroenterology and Hepatology) | Lahore

Thanx Anas Ibn Akhtar Almalik, brother it is indeed a sad event for patoent and family. But unfortunately this information is not sufficient to reach the diagnosis. I will request concerned person to share reports also


Aamir Bhatti

Sir, I asked this question,
basically temperature is secondary issue now, the main and biggest problem is, as i have mentioned, she can't walk, can't feel anything in the lower body parts, and the problem is, all the tests are clear, apparently there is no issue, it appears as if it is related to nervous system, our own guess is that her nerves have stopped responding properly, thus she doesn't feel anything,they are in Rawalpindi, and they have visited many famous doctors, tried different hospitals, but so far, there is no improvement, they are going to visit some neuro physicians as well, I am hoping for some recovery, but in the mean time, if you or any other doctor can suggest something, it would highly appreciable.


It could be GBS do blood C/S n urine C/S and need to visit neuromedicine or general medicine dr

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