Has been more than a year, can't recover from PFPS injury. Need a good physio or surgeon who can check muscle imbalances.


PFPS? Please clarify.


PRP plateletrich plasma therapy (regenerative injection therapy) is best
for you to manage PFPS as it not only strengthen your muscles also
regenerate the underlying cause and has absolutely no side effects


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Dear Sender
For PFPS injury for more than a year, we need to evaluate the reason for non improvement.
The best option is to come and visit us so that we can work out the exact nature of injury and quantify the problem. After that along with our trained physio we can make the treatment plan.


Its called runner knee pain. Its common in athlete. Few days of rest and
iceing and use brace. Diagnosis is made by examination and MRI is useful
tool to confirm. In this you need physiotherapist to strengthen your quards
and hamstring to alleviate pain.


PEPS injury means


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