Knocking Knees


My daughter walks with feet inside slightly and knees joints get closer and as she walks hips move round.


MBBS, FCPS | Rawalpindi

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Your daughter has intoeing and knock kee the severity of these can be judged by your orthopaedic surgeon but don’t worry both the conditions are not serious particularly in young girls


PHD, MS (UK), B.E (Pak), DAPBC (UK) DOMP (CANADA), Doctor of Osteopathy (Spain) | Islamabad

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Looks like a misaligned pelvic girdle. Will need to confirm with tests and adjust if necessary.


MBBS, MRCS (Ireland), Fellow of European Board of Orthopaedic & Traumatology (EBOT), Diplomat in Navigated knee replacement (CAOS) UK, MSc Orthopaedic (UK), Fellowship in Hip and Knee replacement (Glasgow, UK), Key skills course provider by Royal College of surgeons in Edinburgh | Rawalpindi

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Hi, she needs to be examined by paediatric orthopaedic surgeon . If her knock knee(valgus knee) more than 20* at this age then she needs intervention. Thanks


MBBS, Masters (Surgery Orthopedic) | Karachi

send me gross picture/clinical pictures of knes


MBBS, FCPS (Orthopedic Surgery) | Karachi

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She has problem in her hips.
get xray of the pelvis so that we cn sort out the problem.
she may improve with time or she will need some intervention


At age 9 the problem is usually at hips. It may have an angle more than usual. Majority of these kids do not need any surgical intervention. You should make sure that when she sits on floor or on any flat surface then she must sit with crossed legs and not with legs folded as a W. Also you may consult an orthotics center and ask for Twister brace and use it during day time for 9-12 months. The condition should improve over next couple of years as she grows, using moified sitting posture and Twister brace.

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