Loss Of Lumber Lordosis

Im having lower back pain from past few montgs and recently have MRI done which states that Loss of lumber lordosis Disc dehyderation at L5-S1 level Diffuse disc bulge at L4-L5 level reaulting in mild thecal sac identation and minimal right Lateral recess stenosis Left paracentral disc bulge at L5-S1 level resulting in mild thecal sac identation and moderate Left lateral recess stenosis. Kindly guide me if i should visit neurosurgeon or orthopedic sergueon and how severe the case is as the pain have started increasing day by day


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Thank you. The does not appear to be very serious however it needs to be evaluated. You can see othepaoedic surgeons as the advise regarding bone related issues however, if there is cord problem - which in your cases- does not appears to be so, orthopaedic surgeon can advise the management.


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Aslamalacum You better contact ,for thorough examination & Treatment 


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Can be treated wd medication.