Lower Back Pain

Assalam o alaikum... I want to ask about my problem that I'm 24 yrs old getting married soon I have a problem of lower back pain some time atleast once in a month for few days or at least after every 2-3 months I feel lower back pain this pain is not occur before my monthly period ...this pain occur mostly middle of month..its not a very sharp pain and this pain felt in whole lower back and some time during this pain I feel heavyness or tiredness in my lower abdomen and body..I want to know the reason and if any vitamins or calcium supplement is necessary..guide me plz


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you need to see a gynaecologist


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Low back pain is often posture related. Sitting for prolong periods without
support or incorrect posture can be a cause. It will be worthwhile to get
it checked before getting married and if vitamins or minerals needed, they
can be prescribed.


Muhammad Waqas

Hello Doc,
I am suffering from lower back pain. About an year ago, i start working out and in return i get this, please give me advice. I fell pain on left side of lower back.