My Shins Hurt

i used to regularly go for my long walks but nowadays i cant because my legs (left shin) starts hurting after just 1 round. the local doctor gave me cal-d for calcium deficiency. If i keep taking those calcium tablets, i can walk but as soon as i stop taking them, the severe pain is back.


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It is advisable that you should have fresh serum calcium and vitamin D levels checked. Meanwhile continue the medicines. We have to rule out other possibilities by examination. Chronic exertion compartment syndrome and berger's disease should be ruled out as well.


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We need to investigate this with blood tests and X-rays the exact reason and then treat it.

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Plz get fresh X-rays and visit us


You have, what is ordinarily known as "shin splints". Google it. For any
further advice I recommend you see an orthopaedic surgeon.


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thansk for emailĀ get check your serum calciuma nd vitam D level. if that is defcient then replace them


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Will do that! Can i get that done from any lab?

1 year ago


Get serum calcium and vitamin D blood level


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Thank you all the respected doctors. I feel important receiving answers from all the well known doctors. Much appreciated. I visited an orthopedic surgeon here close to where I live through Marham. He has prescribed me some medicines. He put me on evion, and 2 others plus advised me to continue those calcium tablets. I have his prescription. Let me try uploading it!. I can get done the recommended tests from any lab?