Neck Pain And Stiffness


Assalamualaikum! my mother is having pain in neck and its been more than 3 months it is just not settling down. she also has stiffness in that area and feels pain in moving neck during routine. we thought its a normal muscle spasm but i read it on internet i think its whiplash injury. plz tell me its permanent cure except from painkillers. and should i take her to a orthopedic surgeon or a physiotherapist?


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I doubt about your diagnosis, pt needs complete check up and x ray neck
plus MRI to reach at diagnosis, treatment can be prescribed ones diagnosed.
Yes it's a curable thing but may need multimodal regimen


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we did MRI...but it showed no problem...what can be the possible cause of pain then???

2 years ago


She can't have whiplash without a road accident. She needs to see an
orthopaedic surgeon.


get an MRI cervical spine first and mail me


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we did MRI! it showed no problem!
what can be the cause of pain

2 years ago


Plz visit Dr sajid sial rabbani hospital between 8 to 10 pm

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