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a year ago i was preparing for my exam so i constantly sat with my knees locked after few day started feeling pain in my knee.visited a doctor he prescribed medicine for inflammation .after its use the pain was relieved fpr about a week after which the pain started again this time upto mid of thigh(anteriorly)on lateral i am having pricking pain in popliteal fossa which spreads within it.what is the most probable cause for it?what should i use?


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IT most likely looks like muscular spasm. However, the complaint of locking is of concern. This needs to be evaluate and for this X-rays and MRI may be helpful.

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Locking of knee indicates some mechanical block. It can be due to damaged tissue. Muscular spasm is a protective response. You need to have examination of your knee. MRI can be useful in more than 95% of the cases. Please feel free to contact.

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thank you for giving me an answer and taking your time out of your schedule .

2 years ago

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