My granny (70yrs) was very active and alert but she had a glass cut injury 4 months before on her right foot since then her foo swelling is persistant. Initially it was unilateral but now it bocomes bilateral. Her situation is worsening day by day, now she cant even move, bear pressure onher right foot easily. I have taken her to many renowned consultants of orthopedics, family medicine, general surgery but all in vain. In addition to this, all her lab reports (blood test, glucose, ultrasound doppler) are also normal. I m so much worried about her, as she cant move by herself and its difficult Couldit be a sign of any nerve injury or traumatic neuropathy?? Looking forward to your positive and prompt response. Regards, Nimra


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What are other Co morbid conditions, like diabetes? if possible please attach image of feet. Also give the details of treatment which your grandmother is taking.


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Thanks. Yes it could be neuropathy or nerve injury. She needs to be further


Well a good for me to examine and treat,do visit al tibri medical college.